What is a Utility User Tax (UUT)?

The City of Gardena assesses a five percent (5%) tax on gas, electrical, water and intrastate telephone (including cellular) usage. This tax is collected and remitted by the utility service provider on a monthly basis to the Revenue and Collections Office. Utility companies that service the City of Gardena include:

Water – Golden State Water Co. – (800) 999-4033
Gas – Southern California Gas Company – (800) 427-2200
– Southern California Edison – (800) 655-4555
Telephone (including cellular services) – Varies; consult a local telephone directory

If f you are a new utility service provider for Gardena residents, click here for a copy of the UUT remittance form.

Utility User Tax (UUT) Exemption for Seniors

Seniors who are 60 years of age or older or who receive supplemental social security benefits may be eligible to receive a UUT tax exemption on their telephone, water, gas, and electrical services for their principal residence only. To qualify for this program, the form provided below must be completed and returned IN PERSON to the Permits and Licenses Office, along with a copy of a valid driver’s license, passport, or other identification showing date of birth. In addition, you will be required to bring one statement from each of the utility companies that you want the City to process for a UUT exemption, for example: telephone, water, gas and electrical service.

  • Click here for the Senior Citizen UUT Exemption Application

For more information call (310) 217-9521 or visit the Revenue and Collections office located in City Hall, Room 104, 1700 West 162nd Street, Gardena, CA 90247.