PUBLIC SERVICE GOAL: To enhance the quality of public services by providing resources and technical assistance to all City Departments that facilitate organizational efficiency and workforce excellence.


  • To facilitate inter-departmental operations that increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To provide assistance in the selection and purchase of goods and services.
  • To ensure compliance with federal, state and City regulations in general operations.


  • To ensure fiscal resources are available when needed and used within budgetary appropriations.
  • To account for all revenues received and disbursed according to generally acceptable accounting procedures for public funds.
  • To establish budgets and prepare reports based on City Council adopted fiscal policies.


  • To ensure technology resources are appropriately matched to organization needs.
  • To purchase and maintain computers and related technologies within budget.
  • To format and publish printed, web-based and government access channel communications.
  • To provide training and support to employees and departments to maximize the use of technology for greater operational efficiency throughout the organization.


  • To recruit, select, and train City employees that are best qualified to do the jobs needed.
  • To provide benefits and services to support employees and their families.
  • To maintain professional working relationships with the City’s labor organizations.