PUBLIC SERVICE GOAL: To maintain and continually improve the safety and aesthetics of City streets, facilities, parks, medians, and City equipment at the highest level possible and at the lowest possible cost.


  • Upkeep and maintenance of City parks, playgrounds, facilities


  • Maintain City streets, sanitary sewers, storm drain systems, sidewalks, curbs, crosswalks, signs.
  • Maintain and control City traffic signals.
  • Mechanical maintenance of City vehicles and equipment.
  • Ensure compliance with state mandated safety and air quality programs.


  • Survey and prepare specifications for streets, sanitary sewers, drainage structures, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and traffic signals.
  • Process permits and inspections for street right-of-way improvements.
  • Create property maps and documents needed for official records.
  • Provide effective street lighting through the Consolidated Lighting District.
  • Prepare and implement the City’s Capital Improvement Program.