The City Purchasing System
The City of Gardena Purchasing Office functions as a support service to all City Departments and works in a coordinated effort with the Administrative Services Department Finance Division in the procurement and payment of all acquisitions made by the City. Purchasing Office staff also provides technical assistance to the Departments as needed, to include access to purchasing files containing vendor lists and equipment specifications.

The Purchasing Office procures all items and services either directly or through technical support to city departments that have been delegated the authority to purchase certain items and services.

The procedures for the purchase of supplies, services and equipment are set forth in the Gardena Municipal Code, Chapter 2.60. The goal of purchasing is to secure all items and services at the best value obtainable for the expenditure of each tax dollar, while giving all qualified vendors an equal opportunity to do business with the City.

Procedures have been established so that departments can work individually with prospective businesses in order to best secure the items suited to department needs. However, the Purchasing Office is usually the point of contact for first time inquiries about doing business with the City of Gardena. Each inquiry will be addressed individually and referred to the appropriate department(s) for follow up. To register to become a vendor with the City, click on the link provided below for access to the PlanetBids vendor portal.

Gardena Based Businesses and DBE/MBE/WBE Businesses
In 2006, Council amended the City’s purchasing policies to enhance local vendor participation in the City purchasing process by establishing a 5% small business credit for qualified bidders to determine the lowest responsible bidder. A prime contractor may also qualify for the credit if 10 percent of the subcontactors used are headquartered in the City of Gardena and employ fewer than 100 employees or gross less than $10 Million annually. For more information, click here.

Gardena also supports buying from Disadvantaged, Minority, and Women Owned Businesses. This is a requirement for purchases with federal grant funds, but the policy applies to all purchases.

Vendor Selection
The method of vendor selection is based on both the type of item being purchased and its dollar value. Items valued at less than $25,000 are handled administratively and usually purchased directly by the user department. Items valued at $25,000 – $50,000 must be ratified by the City Council and items valued at over $50,000 must be purchased by competitive bid and awarded by the City Council. Federal grant and other special funding sources may have more stringent purchasing requirements than the City. When special funding and City funding requirements differ, the more restrictive requirement applies.

Public Works Projects
Except for the 5% small business credit and 10% participation goal for subcontractors Public Works contracts are defined by the California Public Contract Code Section 20161 and NOT by Chapter 2.60 of the Gardena Municipal Code.

Vendor Bid List
Vendors who desire to be placed on future bid lists for services, supplies or equipment should submit a letter on company stationery outlining the products or services they can provide. Enclose a business card with contact information and mail to the address below. This information will be retained on file for one year.

To register to become a vendor with the City, click on the link provided below for access to the PlanetBids vendor portal.

City of Gardena
Purchasing Office
1700 W. 162nd Street, Room 104, Gardena, CA 90247
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