It is the goal of the City to provide an avenue which allows members of the community to participate in a volunteer program that is designed to be inclusive of the community members. A program that allows citizens to meaningfully contribute to their community, through the experience and skills they possess.


The quality of neighborhood life, its safety and welfare comes from the commitment of each of its citizens. Members of the volunteer program are given responsibilities, both internally and community wide, which require them to achieve a high level of public trust, earned only by their acts of professionalism, to assist The City of Gardena in any way that increases the effectiveness of service to its citizens.


Interested candidates must submit an online application. City staff will contact prospective volunteers to discuss skills, interests and time commitments in order to evaluate with the needs of the City or the program. Candidates are required to go through background checks with the Gardena Police Department. The level of background depends on the duties and/or program assigned to. In addition, minors require a Parent/Guardian complete a Parental Consent Form. To volunteer in the Gardena Police Department, volunteer must be 21 years or older with no felony convictions.


There are opportunities to help throughout the community and in different programs. The City uses volunteers to assist with Teen Programs, Special Events, as well as clerical work. Other examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Coaching and/or Refereeing – Recreation league children sports including baseball, softball, soccer, football, basketball
  • Senior Program – Meal prep, Meal delivery, Annual Senior Health Fair
  • Police Department – community volunteers do observation rides through our city, report graffiti, nuisance abatement, residential check, business checks, park and school checks, traffic control assistance, sign removal, victims and witness assistance, community policing, assisting at DUI checkpoints or during community events. Assignments for internal police department volunteers can be filing, data entry, microfilming, temporary childcare, front counter assistance, shredding, or foreign language interpreter.


To be considered as a volunteer, complete and submit application below.

If you have volunteering questions, please contact:

Questions Regarding Phone Number Email
Police Department (310) 217-9689
Recreation Department/Events (310) 217-9537
Other (310) 217-9688