Inspection Requests

Restrictions and Specifications

Below are inspection restrictions and Specifications:

  • Inspection requests that are made more than 24 hours ahead of the desired inspection date may not be accommodated.
  • Requests for Monday inspections cannot be accommodated if left on this voicemail after 2 pm on Thursdays, or Friday through Sunday.
  • To confirm your inspection, view the Daily Inspection List below.
  • Requests to confirm your inspection via telephone will not be returned. You will only receive a call back from our office if we cannot accommodate your scheduling request.
  • Building inspection hours are as follows: Morning (am) inspections are conducted between 8:30 am and 12 pm, and afternoon (pm) inspections are conducted between 1pm and 4:30 pm.

How to Request an Inspection


Step 1: Please call (310) 217-9510

Step 2: During the voicemail, please speak slowly and clearly and state the following:

  • Your name
  • Call back number
  • All permit numbers that require an inspection
  • All inspection types needed
  • Requested date and time

Daily Inspection List below:

*Daily Inspection Lists are updated daily at 5:30 pm.